Error "Need Admin Approval" or "Approval Required"

When installing or using SecureMailMerge, you may get the message "Approval Required" or "Need Admin Approval" - below are two examples of what you would see.

In order to generate your campaign the plugin needs access to your mailbox and the ability to send emails on your behalf. This is why you are seeing the "Need Admin Approval" or "Approval Required" message. You can read more about the permissions required by SecureMailMerge in our permissions guide.

Case 1: You are an Administrator

If you are an administrator of your Microsoft 365 tenant, you are able to grant the permissions yourself. Either diretly in the alert dialog (if you are logged-in as your admin account) or by following the instructions in the alert dialog to grant the permissions.

A second option is to use Microsoft Entra to grant the permissions, using this link which will lead you directly to grant the rights for the SecureMailMerge client ID:

You can read more about granting permissions in Microsoft entra here.

Case 2: You are not an Administrator

You will need to ask your IT team or administrator for access to use SecureMailMerge. Find an email template below that explains what SecureMailMerge is and how to grant permissions.

I'd like to request your assistance to grant permissions for me to use an Outlook add-in called SecureMailMerge which helps me send batch emails from my mailbox. To function it requires admin approval in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

I'm including the following links for your reference:

Please let me know if you require any further information or if there are any additional steps I should take from my end.